Show Information

Hello lovely parents!

We are very excited for you all to join us this Sunday to watch our short, but sweet, Christmas performance ‘Once Upon A Christmas’.

The following is information about the day to help us safeguard all of our students, & to help things run as smoothly as possible.

We have listened to feedback from last year, & this year our aim is to address these thoroughly.

Please note the following ‘rules’ are in place to protect your child. So we kindly ask for your

co-operation so our show can be an enjoyable experience for all involved 🙂


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your allocated arrival time! This is important to us as it will get hectic with the amount of bodies arriving & we also want to have ample time to get everything ready before you arrive.

When you arrive please congregate in your allocated corner/space – there will be signs on the walls with your child’s group on i.e ‘Elves’, ‘Teddies’ etc. Again, this is to help control the ‘mass’ of people into areas so we can more easily collect each group of children when it is time to do so.

To minimise loss of clothing & items, please have your child ready in ballet shoes etc as listed on your texts. For items that will be removed (tops etc) please bring a bag for these to go into (names on bags would be appreciated for our younger dancers).


Your child will be in a chaperoned classroom, safe & with their dancing friends.

We cannot allow parents/carers to enter classrooms or even be in the corridor leading to the classrooms. This is for your child’s safety, so please do not approach the classrooms at any point. If a problem or emergency arises please text Miss Laura on: 07837407333.


After our short performance has finished, this year we would like to request that ONE adult per child remain seated – whilst family & friends begin to make their way out of the performance space. We will then bring groups out in turn & each child will be returned to their Mum/Dad. We ask that you remain seated so it is easier for us to spot you in the crowd – we also ask that the majority of your party vacate the space so that it is also easier to find you, & therefore will speed up collection time.

If a relative/friend is collecting them, & we may not have seen them previously, please inform us beforehand as we will not allow children to go home with someone unfamiliar to us.

Thank you so much in advance for your help & co-operation!

We hope you enjoy the show & look forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Any problems or questions please drop us a text.

Much love always,

Miss Laura xXx