Getting started with StarMovers


I would like my child to dance, why should I choose StarMovers?

StarMovers is a unique dance education programme developed by professional dancers.

The StarMovers syllabus is set & structured, yet the emphasis is on learning whilst having fun!

We call our students ‘dancing stars’ as our aim is for them to shine like the stars they are, & we therefore do not offer exams or competitions in the StarMovers programme. We find that young children are able to enjoy exploring dance fully in a non-competitive environment, without the pressure of exams & competitions.

Our dancing stars (ages 3+) are however encouraged to perform in our annual show – where they truly get to shine!

My child has never danced before, do they need any previous experience?

StarMovers classes are suitable for children of all abilities, from complete beginners, therefore no experience is needed. If your child has experience, or a natural ability, their class teacher may recommend moving them up a class, to accommodate their needs.

What class will my child need?

StarMovers is split into 4 stages dependent on your child’s age.
Classes take place across Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham. To view our current timetable please click here: https://star-movers.co.uk/timetable/

There’s a waiting list for the class I would like to attend, how long will I be waiting?

Here at StarMovers we are eager to keep waiting to a minimum, however some of our days/times are very popular & there may be a small wait before we can welcome you for a trial.

Please do not be put off, there is always class movement as our dancing stars move up in the programme. We advise completing a registration form to be added to the waiting list & thank you in advance for your patience!

We also encourage you to ‘like’ our Facebook page for latest class news as we are always adding classes. Lastly, our half-term activities & events are open for all to attend, so you can still join us for some dancing fun whilst you are waiting for a place within your chosen class.

Can my child trial a class?

Yes, here at StarMovers we offer a three week trial. This gives your child the opportunity to come along to three classes to see if they enjoy them – without having to pay for a full half-term block.

Please note that there is a trial fee, which must be paid upon booking.

What should my child wear for their trial?

For your StarMovers trial we recommend that your child wears clothing that allows free movement and have bare feet. When signing up as a member after your trial you may wish to purchase dancewear items & we strongly advise wearing appropriate footwear. You can purchase items directly with us through our associated company – Little Ballerina Boutique – which you can find on Instagram. Via there we offer a plethora of beautiful items at affordable & competitive prices i.e fitted ballet shoes are just £7.50 etc. Orders can be delivered directly to you in class.

Can I come into class with my child?

StarMovers is split into 4 stages dependent on your child’s age.

In our Twinkly Stars & Little Stars classes parents/carers are encouraged to actively participate within the class. In our Shooting Stars & Shining Stars classes our dancing stars are required to come into class without a parent/carer. Children must therefore be confident to come into those classes alone. We do encourage this from the start, as we find that it is often more distracting to have a parent/carer in class with them.

My child hasn’t gotten involved in class, should I be worried?

All children are different and learn at different paces. This is one reason that we offer a three week trial. It can take a few weeks of coming before some children want to even join in. Do not worry! This is completely normal, as children need to first get used to the new environment, activity & people within the class session.

After my trial, how much are classes?

Prices for classes can vary depending on venue.

Some community spaces allow us to use their venue free of charge & we therefore like to reflect this in a reduction of our class price.

Class fees are charged in half-term blocks. These blocks vary depending on the Barnsley school term-time calendar. You will receive an envelope with the amount due two weeks prior to the end of half-term.

All fees are payable in advance of the half-term block.

My child has a medical condition, can they still dance?

We ask that you complete our medical information section fully on our registration form to highlight any medical conditions. We would also advise that you always seek medical advice if you have any concerns regarding your child’s condition, & the impact dancing may have.

Do you cater for children with special needs in your classes?

All children are welcome in our classes including children with disabilities. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your child’s needs further.

We look forward to welcoming you in a StarMovers class very soon!