Charlotte Sellars

‘Emily has just finished her three week trial & she absolutely loves it! It’s the highlight of our week & we’re always looking forward to the next lesson!’

Kristy Mann

‘StarMovers class are fun (even for the parents) & perfect for the aimed age group. It is a nice gentle introduction to ballet & classes are also reasonably priced. I can’t wait to watch my little girl grow as she continues with the classes.’

Jen Sloan

‘We love StarMovers! Miss Laura is amazing. Great for our 2 & 4 year old little girl’s. A highlight of our week!’

Amy Robinson

‘My little princess loves dancing with StarMovers. Highly recommend!’

Lucy Lomas

‘My baby girl has been going to Starmovers from 6 months old. She loves the classes, we both do! The classes have given her confidence and new skills. I would recommend it!’

Samantha Reed

‘Absolutely love these classes, my daughter has come on leaps and bounds in confidence and rhythm. Brilliant. Miss Laura is excellent and lovely.’

Kimberley Pearson

‘My 2 year old has only been going to Starmovers for 3 weeks but she absolutely loves it. We have previously taken Anya to a different dance academy but she would not get involved and join in. Anya has joined in and enjoyed StarMovers from the first minute of her first class. It’s all credit to Miss Laura for making it fun and friendly. Thank you. Would definitely highly recommend.’