My child has turned 6 – what happens now?!

As you may have be aware, StarMovers is a syllabus created for young children aged 7 years & under, that means if your child has turned 6 (or soon to be 7) you may be wondering what’s next?


As our classes are for 6 year olds, we are happy for you to continue with us once they have turned 6 (we don’t kick anyone out!), but if they have been with us for a few years, your child may be ready for the ‘next step’ & we would be happy to discuss options with us.


We hope your child has enjoyed their dance journey with us & that they have created magical memories that they will carry forever!


As a StarMovers dancing star, your child will have gained a solid foundation of dance, developed their gross motor skills & co-ordination alongside a love of music, an understanding of rhythm & basic ballet technique. Whatever you choose to do, your child should be well equipped to continue their dance journey.


Some of you may know that we do have a training academy for dancers aged 7 to 16 years called ‘Barnsley Youth Dance Academy’ which may be of interest to you & your child.


BYDA is a dance training academy with the same ethos as StarMovers – our dancers do not partake in competitions or examinations. We want our dancers to explore & train, to further develop their skills & ability, without any pressure or the introduction of comparison.


Barnsley Youth Dance Academy levels:


Primary Academy ages 7 to 9 years

Junior Academy ages 10 to 12 years

Senior Academy ages 13 to 16 years 


**Barnsley Youth Dance Company ages 14 to 18 years **Coming soon!


BYDA has been created to educate & train young people in contemporary & creative dance. Classes combine contemporary dance, classical ballet technique, gymnastics & creative dance/choreography. BYDA training is very physical, fully engaging the whole body to develop physical strength & a broad movement vocabulary, whilst engaging their minds creatively too – so our dancers become strong, expressive artists. 


We are aware that BYDA is very different from StarMovers & therefore it will not suit every child. Your child may enjoy a more musical – singing, dancing – route in which we would advise trying a musical theatre class.


However, if BYDA is something you would like your child to try, we would LOVE for them to join us for a trial term. Two half-terms will give us the chance to see how they get on & enable us to ensure that BYDA is the right fit for your little dancer. 


Training classes are 45 minutes minimum, with the Thursday & Saturday class lasting an hour. Saturday students also have the opportunity to train in commercial (street) dance. 


Please see our current timetable below for Primary Academy classes.




Monday, Oxspring



Thursdays, Barnsley



Saturdays, Barnsley




Whether you continue to dance or not, if you choose to try a dance school or musical theatre route or opt to trial BYDA – whatever your decide, please feel free to talk openly to us & know that we want what is best for you & your child.


Also, please know that you will ALWAYS be a part of the StarMovers family & as our holiday events & activities extend to 11 year olds – you are always welcome to attend. We would absolutely love to still see you regularly!


I will be in touch directly with you, when necessary, to further discuss the above but please feel free to ask any questions right away.


Much love,


Miss Laura Xx