Returning to dance safely

These new general class rules & regulations have been put in place to maximise the safety of you & your child at your StarMovers class, considering the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand that you & your child are adjusting to a new way of life, just as we are too… so please read this information very carefully & help us to ensure our dancing stars can still enjoy their class in the safest way possible.

We ask that you please…

  • Do not attend class if you child, or any member of your family, has a temperature or other Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • Travel to our venue using your own car or walking where possible. Only use public transport if it is necessary & continue to follow the current government guidelines on face coverings when travelling to our classes.
  • Arrive no earlier than your allocated class arrival time. Waiting room restrictions will apply depending on venue (some will no longer be available).
  • Do not enter the venue before instructed to do so.
  • Use the handwashing facilities provided upon entrance & exit of the venue.
  • Bring your child dressed & ready for class. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot facilitate the changing of clothes etc. in the venue. 
  • Full soled leather ballet shoes must be worn (or in the interim soft slippers with suitable grip) & can be changed in the venue if needed. Please understand that unfortunately we cannot allow children to dance in bare feet at this time.
  • Please note that face masks may be required in some, if not all, of our venues (adults only).
  • Limit the number of items you bring to your StarMovers class i.e 1 bag per person. Where possible, please leave all other items in the car.
  • Due to the restriction on space, we will not be allowing any pushchairs, prams or similar in the room. Some venues may have suitable storage space for these but please ask in advance as this is not available at all our venues.
  • Where possible, please ensure a 1:1 adult/child ratio. We cannot accept any spectators or other family members in our venues at this time.
  • Try to take your child to the toilet before you leave the house. We understand this is not always going to be possible but would appreciate your efforts. Where toilet facilities are out of bounds in a venue, we will let you know in advance. Where toilet facilities are still available, please adhere to the guidance specific to that venue.
  • Where mats are being used within a class, please rest assured they will be thoroughly cleaned between use.
  • Class props will be used once only & quarantined after use.
  • Keep a safe social distance from your class teacher & other members where possible. We understand this is hard for children to understand, however, to minimise any potential risk, we ask that you encourage your child to stay on the mat or close to you.
  • Together, we can always teach our dancing stars to respect those around us & be kind but please accept responsibility for your child.
  • Leave the class & venue promptly. Please understand we must prepare for the next class & respect that your class teacher is working hard to do this.
  • Please look forward to your StarMovers class. Although there are changes in place for safety, our classes are a place for our dancing stars to enjoy the StarMovers magic & SHIINE!

By attending a StarMovers class I hereby agree to comply with all new rules, regulations, terms & conditions. Furthermore, I understand that any additional rules & guidelines may be implemented for the safety of myself, my child & all other members.

Specific venue details including class arrival times will be sent out to each group.