StarMovers Live

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The show that isn’t a show…



Prior to Covid-19 we had an annual show where our dancing stars donned costumes & performed a dance routine on stage. Although we are opposed to competitions & examinations we found the annual performance opportunity, when approached in the usual fun StarMovers way, was a big hit & helped increase the confidence of our dancing stars! 


However, our regular venue is not available for hire again, since the pandemic, so we put our heads down & came up with something new…


We are so excited to invite you to our first ever StarMovers LIVE!!


StarMovers LIVE is not a ‘show’ – in fact it’s exactly what it says on the tin – a StarMovers class LIVE on stage for you all to come & enjoy!



‘We have front row seats to the best show in town’ Miss Laura



Each week we have the pleasure of watching our dancing stars as they grow & shine – exploring movement, song & dance with us in classes – so we thought we’d share that experience with you!


StarMovers LIVE is a totally new concept that we are piloting this year with the hopes that it becomes an annual occurrence so you can witness the progress your child is making for yourselves.


Unlike our annual show, this is a more relaxed format – no costumes are required – just their regular dance clothes AND Miss Laura will be on stage with them, guiding them, like in a normal class.


Added bonus:


In a dance show you just see your child perform on stage for 2 minutes, whereas with StarMovers LIVE our dancing stars will shine on stage for 20 minutes of dance FUN – with hopefully some ‘Quotes of the day’ throw into the mix too! 




The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2HZ


Date & time:


Each class has been allocated a date & time – please check previous messages for this information 




Each child has been assigned six tickets


Family members are very welcome to attend & support your child as they shine on stage. 


£7.00 per ticket*


*Children will require a ticket (aged 2 & under free – please mention them in the box below)


Please complete the form below to let us know how many tickets you would like. 


If you would like extras please enter how many in the box below & we will try our best to accommodate your request. 


Please note that photography & filming will not be permitted during the event.